Advanced DIY Effect Pedals by Brian Wampler

Description: "How to Design, Customize, and Build Effect Pedals, Advanced version"

The Indyguitarist "How to Modify Effect Pedals" book showed you how to make your pedals sound better by performing easy modifications. The "How to Build Effect Pedals...for beginners" book showed you how to get started building basic circuits that sounded great.

This new book, "How to Design, Customize, and Build Effect Pedals, Intermediate and Advanced Level" will walk you through designing custom circuits for effect pedals that YOU plan, design, and build from the ground up.

This book will teach you everything you need to know to get to the level that most "boutique" pedal builders are at and in MUCH LESS time...most builders and DIY'ers have struggled for years to learn this information, now it's at your fingertips and in a easy to understand language like all IndyGuitarist books.

If you want the tone of the pro's, you need a boutique type pedal to do it. Buying them can get expensive quickly (some boutique pedals sell for over $500 each!) What's a guitarist to do without robbing a bank? BUILD YOUR OWN!!

Written for those who have purchased a previous Indyguitarist 'DIY' book or have electronics experience. Hard copy (book) only, no downloads available.


Who is Indyguitarist?
* Circuit Breakdowns- explanation of most distortion, fuzz, and overdrive circuits including ones the 'boutique builders are using.
* Power Supply Filtering for quiet pedals
*JFET explanations
* Smooth Overdrive with JFETS
* Mu-amp explanations
* Mu-amp overdrive/distortion
* Transistor Overdrive/Boost circuit
* Transistor used as a buffer
* JFET clean boost
* JFET AC-30 emulation
* Fuzz Face type Transistor Fuzz
* “Big Muff Pi” type fuzz
* Circuits using the' 386' IC chip
* 386 FUZZ
About opamps
Technical stuff
Operational amplifier (opamp) applications
*Inductance gyrator - build your own EQ circuit into any pedal, or build your own EQ pedal
* Opamps in laymen's terms
* Single opamps
* Single opamp circuit examples * Dual Opamps
* Soft clipping explained
* Full and Thick Distortion circuit
* Advanced Modification for “Tube Reamer” pedal
* The “Wamp-o-drive” circuit
* Using JFETs on the input and output for tube-tone
* Metal Distortion circuit
* Very 'open' sounding distortion
* Thick distortion circuit
* Smooth Overdrive and/or Distortion circuit
* “Liquid” distortion circuit
* Warm 741 Overdrive
* Muff Fuzz using opamps
* Overdrive/Distortion similar to Boss OD-3
Tone stacks and tone controls
* High Pass filter to control low frequencies
* A low pass filter to control mid and high frequencies
* Frequency table for low and high pass filters
Free software for designing tonestacks
* Typical 3 band EQ tonestack, similar to “Marshall” type tonestack
* Graphic EQ tonestack using NPN transistors
* Adding additional bands to an Active EQ circuit
In Closing...

This book is written for musicians, not technicians. This book will help you get your personal sonic signature, and give you the knowledge to change it when your tastes change.

Book Details:

Paperback: 73 pages
·Binding: Wire-O
·Publisher: (July 2006)




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Warning Disclaimer: These modifications and projects are recommended for persons over the age of 18. If you are under 18, you should have adult supervision before attempting modifications. Please use safety precautions when doing any of these types of projects, painting, using tools and soldering. We are not to be held responsible if you get hurt in any way, hurt someone else or destroy property. By reading this book beyond this page you hereby agree and you comply with the above statement and fully realize any risks that may be involved with performing any of the modifications listed. Always wear safety protection and follow safety guidelines and directions on products. Solder can pop in your eyes, burn skin, etc. Some materials used in guitar pedals can be harmful if inhaled. Paint fumes can kill you, and/or damage your lungs and cause other health problems. Batteries can explode acid on your skin and clothing. Never use any sort of drug while doing this type of work, including alcohol and/or prescription drugs which may inhibit your ability to do any of this type of projects. USE PRECAUTIONS, READ DIRECTIONS AND ALWAYS WEAR SAFETY PROTECTION.

By purchasing and reading this book, you agree to not hold any person, party, or company associated with this book including, but not limited to Brian Wampler,,, or any person, party, or company associated with them. You also agree that you are over age 18, of a sound mind, and take full and complete responsibility for your actions.